Denver Airport BlueBronco

Denver Airport BlueBronco

Denver International Airport was constructed at a cost of $4.8 billion. It opened on February 28, 1995, 16 months behind schedule. However there are several reasons for this. Before construction could begin on the 1.5 million square-foot terminal and its attached concourses a series of tunnels had to be constructed on the site. These tunnels would house the most technologically advanced rail and baggage handling system ever created. Upon completion of the tunnels, construction began on the top side of what would become the DIA. During construction the megaproject was plagued with problems. Design problems, financial problems, and a strike by metalworkers were among the hurdles that had to be overcome.

Upon its completion the DIA was the largest landmass airport in America with a total 33,457 acres. The airport complex also contains the longest runway in America at 16,000 feet long allowing for larger aircraft such as the 777 and the upcoming Boeing Dreamliner 787. This runway is 6000 feet longer than the longest runway at Denver's former airport, Stapleton International Airport. DIA also host the tallest control tower in America at 327 feet. The roof of the massive main terminal is made of formed fiberglass giving the appearance of snow-covered mountains. The Denver International Airport sees over forty million passengers every year and is listed as the fifth busiest airport in America.

From its opening in 1995 conspiracy theorists have not been able to leave the subject of the Denver International Airport alone. They believe that the complex is the headquarters and hub of the New World Order. According to most theorists the New World Order is a group of influential individuals and country leaders throughout the world whose goal is to take over the world. They control the banks, militaries and governments of the world with a goal of reducing the world's population to 2 billion people in order maintain better control the world.......... So let's take a look at the facts!


Denver Airport Tunnel

Denver Airport Tunnel

The conspiracy theory is that the tunnels underneath DIA are used to house the headquarters of the New World Order.

  • Furthermore, these tunnels will be used in the future to house political prisoners. It has also been theorized that these tunnels are being used by the United States government to perform electromagnetic experiments, with one such experiment citing that in a single day the windshields of 14 aircraft cracked or broke.
  • Strange has examined this phenomenon and can find no basis for any of these claims. It is widely known that the tunnels underneath DIA house the transit system for the airport as well as the baggage transit system for the airport that was officially shut down in 2003 as it was plagued with mechanical problems. In the investigation of cracked windshields, the NTSB determined that high wind and cold temperatures were the deciding factor for the strange but not uncommon incident.

The larger question is that if the United States government or the New World Order are operating at the Denver international Airport, why would they do so?

  • According to the conspiracy theories this is a top-secret organization. Why would a top-secret organization put their headquarters underneath the footprints of over 40 million people a year and why would the United States government do top-secret experiments at that location when NORAD is located only 75 miles away within the safety of a granite mountain?

Conspiracy theorists have long questioned why the City of Denver believed that they needed a new airport citing that the DIA has fewer gates and less runways than Stapleton International Airport.

  • In a full analysis of all facts involved, has determined that Stapleton International Airport was antiquated having been built in 1920. Through the years Stapleton had been added to and enlarged to the point that there was nowhere else to go. With a desire for increased nonstop service to overseas destinations, the runways at Stapleton would not be long enough for the heavier, larger planes.

Another thought conspiracy theorists have long contended is that the runways of the DIA are laid out in the shape of a Nazi swastika.

  • Denver Airport Layout Similar to Nazi Symbol? somewhat agrees with this but let’s take a closer look at that.  The area where the airport is located is prone to winds that are known to change direction and speed rapidly. One possibility is that the different runways laid out in that pattern would allow for flight controllers to adjust to the changing winds so the aircraft that are taking off and landing will not have to deal with the changing wind, hence keeping the 5th busiest airport traffic moving smoothly. Another possibility is that the runways were laid out in that shape on purpose. If that is the case, will argue that the “symbol” that is seen from the overview is not a Nazi swastika but a symbol that has been around since 4000 B.C. The symbol itself is used in Buddhism and Hinduism. It is the Chinese symbol for Buddhism and has been found on mosaics dating back to the ancient Romans and Mesopotamians. As symbols go, conspiracy theorists have failed to recognize that the symbol could be the Tsil no’oli, the symbol of the “Whirling Log”, a symbol that is used in healing rituals by the Navaho Indians. We will get back to the Navaho influence on the DIA.

Strange Murals

Denver Airport Murals

Denver Airport Murals

Within the terminals of the airport are two large murals painted by artist, Leo Tanguma. The two pieces are titled, “The Children of the World Dream of Peace” and “In Peace and Harmony with Nature”.

  • Conspiracy theorists believe that “The Children of the World Dream of Peace” is a message that was designed by the Illuminati and/or the New World Order to outline the eventual take-over of the world by these organizations.
  • For some reason, “In Peace and Harmony with Nature” doesn’t seem to fit into the conspiracy and the theorists don’t seem to have much to say about that mural. Mr. Tanguma, who has been questioned about the paintings, has publicly declared that there is no underlying New World Order message and at no time was he instructed on what to paint by outside sources.
  • believes that Mr. Tanguma’s declarations are enough to settle   questions about the paintings. Furthermore, the titles of the murals speak volumes about their content.

Mysterious Words on the Floor

Denver Airport Floor Inscriptions

Denver Airport Floor Inscriptions

Now, to get back to the Navaho influence on the DIA, the conspiracy theory community has, for years, been very outspoken about the “mysterious” words that are carved into the floor throughout the Denver International Airport” The words, “Cochetopa”, “Sisnaajini”, and “Dzit Dit Galli” have been reported by the thoerist to be everything from a New World Order/ Illuminati secret code to an alien language.

  • Actually these words are written in the Navaho language. “Cochetopa” is the Navaho word for a mountain pass, “Sisnaajini” is the Navaho word for The Black Mountain and “Dzit Dit Gall” is the Navaho word for The White Mountain. All of these places are sacred places to the Navaho and all are within Colorado.
  • Other words inscribed on the floors of DIA that have confused the conspiracy theorist for years are, “Braaksma” and “Villarreal”. The meanings of these words are very easily explained. “Braaksma” is actually Carolyn Braaksma and “Villarreal” is Mark Villarreal. Both of these individuals are prominent artist who worked on projects within the Denver International Airport.

Capstone Inscriptions

Denver Airport Capstone Inscription

The last item on the list of wild conspiracy theories regarding the airport is the capstone in the main terminal of DIA. The capstone has two inscriptions that the theorists like to point out. The first are the words, “New World Airport Commission”.

  • Nearly every conspiracy theorist that follows has claimed that the “New World Airport Commission” never existed, however our research has revealed that the commission did exist and that they were a group of civic and business leaders that held events and did fundraisers during the construction of the DIA and even attended it’s opening in 1995.
    • The other inscription is that of the Freemason symbol on the capstone. To the standard conspiracy theorist this is proof that the Freemasons, Illuminati and the New World Order have a secret base and headquarters at the DIA.  Brian Dunning of the website “Skeptoid” points out that hundreds of buildings throughout the United States have the Masonic symbol of the LOCAL Masonic Lodges in the cities that they were constructed.

Strange History Conclusion

As many times in the past, there is always a reasonable and rational explanation to conspiracy theorist beliefs. Throughout the years there has never been any solid proof that the Denver International Airport is a secret military base being operated by the United States government or the headquarters for the Illuminati and/or the New World Order. admits that the DIA, its murals, floor inscriptions and runway layouts are weird, but our investigation cannot support any part of the conspiracy theories.